By Paul Dini & Alex Ross The Man of Steel in a beautiful oversized one-shot - featuring a cardstock cover with a metallic fifth-color ink. As the holiday season. Find great deals for Superman: Superman: Peace on Earth by Paul Dini (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay! Superman has ratings and 82 reviews. Alejandro said: A job that even Superman can't do!This comic book is part of a series illustrated by Ale.


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Even without any text superman peace on earth illustrations alone could've expressed everything Dini and Ross wanted to say. The whole book is superman peace on earth piece of art that deserves to be collected and cherished, and the great story and absolute perfect characterization of Superman was just icing on top.

This book is the ideal example of why Superman is one of my most favorite superheroes, and why once I start reading his stories I can't stop myself from reading more: Even to a hard-eyed cynic like me they give a warm fuzzy feeling after finishing Who knows maybe in spite of all the senselessness, there is a meaning to our existence after all.

Eventually, Superman arrives in a country whose militarized government warns against his help.

Superman: Peace on Earth Vol 1 1 | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In response to his persistence, they fire a chemical-weapon missile at where he is, with civilians below. He attempts to save the people by sending the cloud of poison into space, but the tanker is superman peace on earth and the food is poisoned.

He stops his mission in the middle, incomplete.

Some blossom right away, while others need a little extra care. Superman's thoughts return to the present as he lands in Metropolis Square holding a giant fir tree that lights up superman peace on earth become the city's Christmas tree.


The crowd cheered and people wanted to talk with him, but he had other matters to attend to. He then hears a cry for help and races to find a girl in superman peace on earth crowd who has fainted.

First he thought it was shock, then he noticed how light and weak she was and realized that this girl was starving. He flies her to a rescue mission, where superman peace on earth doctor in charge assure Superman that she would be fed and well cared for.

Superman Peace On Earth Oversized Sc

Upon arriving back at the Daily Planet, Clark suggested to the editor that they consider a story superman peace on earth the homeless for the holidays.

The suggestion was made in part as an excuse for Clark to check in on the girl.


Checking back at the mission, Clark was informed that the girl is a southern runaway, with no friends or family in the city. Reduced to begging for food, she might have died if it had not been for Superman's timely intervention.

Superman: Peace on Earth Vol 1 1

The doctor noted that it was too bad Superman can't be there for every needy person. After further consideration, including remembering some things Pa Kent told him about putting other people's needs ahead of your own, and consistent with his view that his powers were not strictly his superman peace on earth, but there for anyone who needs them, Superman requested to address the U.

With all the Congressional members assembled, he announced he would like permission to be able to take American surplus food and distribute it to hungry people around the world, as superman peace on earth countries as he could deliver it to in one day. There are some skepticism among some of the Congressional membership, but ultimately they gave their approval.

Superman spent several days gathering the food together. He found it encouraging that some people superman peace on earth became aware of his plan are showing up to volunteer to help package the food.