There are a total of 16 exercises in the Total Synergistics routine of P90X3. Chin-Up Bar/Chin-Up Max (optional) or resistance bands] P90X3 total synergistics. To that end, I think that the Total Synergistics workout will be a great compliment to what I am already doing. Like all P90X workouts, P90X3. This routine is quite different than "Core" or "Synergistic" routines we have seen in P90X and P90X2, but based on the same principles - work.


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Once again I have some problems executing this move with my equipment.

What is P90X3 Total Synergistics?

The exercise is meant to go like this: I have to modify this exercise. I usually end up doing regular chin-ups.


And you can always try the version with the band that Dreya demonstrates. Boat Plow This is a core move on the floor.

P90X3 Total Synergistics Review - Charles Lloyd Fitness

There are 10 reps. Check p90x3 total synergistics the images at the beginning of this post if you want to p90x3 total synergistics a perfect boat and plow. Not everyone can put their toes to the floor on plow.

Really fight to get your chest high on the boat pose. Rinse, repeat and add conditioner. For my long ass heavy legs this was brutal with about 10 seconds left.

P90X3 Workouts – Total Synergistics

I am disproportionally heavy in my legs and have been my whole life. Nothing over complicated here, just a matter of doing the work.

When your back is straight then your elbows should be touching your knees and your quads should be parallel to the ground. You are at this position for p90x3 total synergistics entire duration of the exercise. In a deep squat, with a weight at chest level, begin to rock back and forth between high heels and lifted toes.

Keep your chest lifted and abs in. I kept falling out of this move p90x3 total synergistics when rocking back on my heels.

P90X3 Total Synergistics Coaching, Advice, and Complete Review

I found it helped a little to keep my chest a bit farther forward, though I am not sure that is the exact form that is desired. I also think I need to p90x3 total synergistics my feet more for balance.


I want to watch this move again next time through and try to figure out the form better. I might need to go lower into the squat to get into the right p90x3 total synergistics to have the balance to rock back.

Regardless, this worked my legs a lot -- they were quivering at the end.

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On your left side, with your right arm on the floor and your left holding a dumbbell, cross your arms over your torso.