The answer is Railsea, China Miéville's latest book, a wildly inventive crossover/young adult fantasy with elements of SF and trains, lots of. On board the moletrain Medes, Sham Yes ap Soorap watches in awe as he witnesses his first moldywarpe hunt. The giant mole bursting from the earth, the h. Railsea is a young adult novel written and illustrated by English writer China Miéville, and published in May Miéville described the novel as "weird fiction",  Publication date‎: ‎15 May


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The skin of the land is like the surface of the sea, teeming mieville railsea submerged, invisible creatures. There are many ways — often ingenious — one ravenous animal mieville railsea eat another, or a hapless woman or man.

Railsea - Wikipedia

The beasts of the railsea give them all a try. For trainsfolk, this means a hierarchy of awfulness. That is a railsea.

But like the ocean deeps, the depths of this earth hold sunken treasures not just mieville railsea like the moldywarpes, but millennia of sunken technologyleading humans to attempt them again and again.

Intertextuality Since mieville railsea represents an integrated concept of the universe in which individual works are not isolated creations, much of the focus in the study of postmodern literature is on intertextuality: Intertextuality in postmodern literature can be a reference or parallel to another literary work, an extended discussion of a work, or the adoption of a style.

Often intertextuality is more complicated than a single reference to another text.

Railsea by China Miéville – review

Ishmael soon learns that Ahab has mieville railsea purpose on this voyage: A bare plot summary does the story little justice, leaving out most of the things that make the book a great read. Mieville railsea and SF writers often struggle to create rounded characters, but teenager Sham has plenty of appeal, and everyone he meets is memorable.

There's also loads of humour, plenty of action sequences, and enough bizarre violence to keep horror fans satisfied.

Yet for all this, the book's chief glory is its prose.


Sham returns to the moletrain. Before it departs, he is captured by pirates who demand that he provide them with instructions as to how to reach the Shroakes as they believe that there is mieville railsea to be found beyond the railsea.

After receiving a message from Sham, Mieville railsea reluctantly abandons the chase for Mocker-Jack and sets out to find him. Sham convinces his former trainmates to assist the Shroakes, who are being sought by both pirates and the navy.

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Close enough to the familiar that we feel comfortable but oddly different in ways that are important and have large impacts. And, as always mieville railsea Mieville, language is part of the key.

For a world that is based around the endless rails that twist and turn on themselves Mieville mieville railsea one interesting, and exemplary, choice. This both creates a feeling of difference, constantly catches the eye, and symbolizes the very thing this world is built around.


As he allows the narrator to explain: There was a time when we did not mieville railsea all words as now we do, in writing on a page.

It seems madness now.