Kids learn about the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Emperor of France who conquered much of Europe before being defeated and sent into exile. Napoleon Bonaparte was born Napoleon Buonaparte on August 15, , in the Corsican city of Ajaccio. He was the fourth of eleven children of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Romolino. His father, a member of a noble Italian family, remained on good terms with the French when they took over control of Corsica. HISTORY OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE including Almost an Italian, The He is arrested and seems in danger of his life, but is released after a month in prison.


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Napoleon was baptized as a Catholic just before his second birthday, on 21 July at Ajaccio Cathedral.

He was nine years old when he entered the academy. Napoleon was able to spend much of the next eight years in Corsica.

There he played an active part in political and military matters. He came into conflict with the Corsican nationalist Pasquale Paoli, and his family was forced to flee to Marseille in The French Revolution caused much fighting and disorder in France.

At times, Napoleon was connected to those in power. Other times, he was in jail. In the French Revolutionary Wars he helped the Republic against royalists who supported the former king of France.


In Septemberhe assumed command of an artillery brigade at the siege of Toulonwhere royalist leaders had welcomed a British fleet and troops.

The British were driven out in December 17,and Bonaparte was rewarded with promotion to brigadier general and assigned to the French army in Italy in February More than a royalists died and the rest fled.

He had cleared the streets with "a whiff of grapeshot" according to the 19th-century life story of napoleon bonaparte Thomas Carlyle.

Napoleon Bonaparte

He was then promoted to major general and marked his name on the French Revolution. The defeat of the Royalist rebellions ended the threat to the Convention and earned Bonaparte sudden fame, wealth, and the patronage of the new Directory. In March 9, Napoleon married Josephine de Beauharnais, a widow older than he was and a very unlikely wife to the future ruler.

He suggests that a French seizure life story of napoleon bonaparte Egypt would harm British communications with India and would add a rich and strategically placed life story of napoleon bonaparte to France's own empire.

Napoleon Bonaparte Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

In March the Directors, perhaps welcoming the chance to send this popular life story of napoleon bonaparte ambitious general far from the centre of power, approve his plan - as yet to be kept a closely guarded secret.

During the next two months, while troops continue to assemble on the Channel coast to conceal the change of plan, Napoleon puts together an invasion force against Egypt which is intended to have a glamorous profile.

In addition to the regiments of troops he will be accompanied by distinguished scientists, academics and artists to life story of napoleon bonaparte and report on this ancient oriental civilization. They cannot as yet be allowed to know where they are going.

Napoleon Bonaparte Biography

Even so, of France's most distinguished men of science accept Napoleon's invitation. Surprisingly soon, everything life story of napoleon bonaparte ready.

On May 19 some vessels sail from Toulon and four other ports on their dangerous journey east. If Nelson chances upon the unwieldy French fleet, with its vulnerable cargo of infantry and cavalry some 38, men in allhorses, artillery and scientists, the result is likely to go heavily against the French.