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If human attitudes and actions towards nature are in the interests of nature, then it seems that there is no such thing as a truly anthropocentric attitude.

Schmidt, On Germans and Other Greeks, holderlin poemas de la locura. Furthermore, the whole notion of the attitudes of individual humans then becomes irrelevant.

However, they are all partial views.

Holderlin Friedrich

In an attempt to fully grasp holderlin poemas de la locura implications I am going to defend the thesis that: This is an interesting thesis because, if accepted, it would supplant the conception of the meaninglessness of human existence with a conception of positive cosmic purpose.

Firstly, that he believes that nature is purposefully evolving towards perfection. Secondly, that he believes that holderlin poemas de la locura achievement of this perfection requires human actions.

Thirdly, that he believes that human actions are determined by nature. Acceptance of these three claims leads to the conclusion that human actions are determined by nature as a necessary stage in the purposeful evolution of nature towards perfection.

I will now present evidence to support the three key claims.


This conception of the universe explains his belief that nature unfolds in holderlin poemas de la locura way that serves its own purposes; that disharmonies are followed by regained harmonies.

His immense desire to see a morally holderlin poemas de la locura world was completely at odds with his philosophical belief that the perfection he sought could only be achieved in the course of natural development. Fate is revealed in the process of history… it is inherent in the passage of form to chaos, and of disintegration to a new harmony.

This division means that the split was part of the evolutionary process rather than a random occurrence. We can ask ourselves why this may have been a necessary occurrence.

Human actions in this epoch appear to be central to the achievement of perfection. Nauen, Revolution, Idealism and Human Freedom: Furthermore, it is very hard to think of any other distinctive aspects of modernity that are resultant from human actions, present an extreme danger, and have cosmic significance.

Andrew Feenberg has criticised Heidegger for this abstract concentration on essences rather than the actual technology itself. Therefore, it seems that both the danger we face, and the saviour, must holderlin poemas de la locura the holderlin poemas de la locura technology developed by human actions.

We part only to be more intimately one, more divinely at peace with all, with each other.

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We die that we may live. I do not choose; I do not reflect.

Holderlin and Benjamin

There is a power in me, and I know not if it is myself that drives me to this step. So do we stand trying to hold back everchanging Fate.


Oh, that it were possible but to watch it as peacefully and meditatively as we do the circling stars. Surely this stone, inasmuch as it is conscious only of its own effort, and is far from indifferent, will believe that it is completely free, and that it continues in holderlin poemas de la locura for no other reason than because it wants to.

And such is the human freedom which all men boast that they possess, and which consists solely in this, that men are conscious of their desire, and ignorant of the causes by which they are determined.

Frases de Friedrich Hölderlin

Moira Gatens, Imaginary Bodies: Ethics, Power and Corporeality, London, Routledge,p. Herder saw nature as a great current of sympathy running through all things which manifested itself in unique inner impulses within different individuals. This means that every human has a unique calling holderlin poemas de la locura an original path which they ought to tread.