We have a collection of project ideas that cover a number of issues relating to the natural environment. Green Power. Rainwater Harvesting. Energy Conservation. Recycling. Pollution. Soil quality. Greenhouse effect. Climate change.‎Green Power · ‎Waste Management · ‎Recycling · ‎Organic Garden. Twigs, rocks, leaves and feathers are all you need to make these eco-friendly adornments - and they're a great way to teach your kids about the. Going green in your home does not have to be a big budget project. If you're a homeowner or renter on a budget, making little changes to your.


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Additionally, many state governments, in addition to the federal government, offer tax incentives for homeowners interested in converting to solar energy. Factors to consider include your local climate, the slope eco friendly projects your roof and tree cover.

Ideas for environmental learning projects

Insulation degrades over timeleading to gaps in coverage. Poor insulation will allow air to escape from your home and can dramatically increase your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

eco friendly projects

Some insulation can last up to years, but leaking roofs, punctures, animals and other factors can drastically reduce this timeline. Perform an Energy Eco friendly projects Hire an energy professional to perform an energy audit in your home to determine where you can make the most impact.

Energy auditors review your home to see where you may be losing energy and provide recommendations on where to make the most impact.

Energy auditors eco friendly projects help homeowners can save anywhere from 5 to 30 percent on their energy bill.

Ideas for environmental learning projects | WWF

Invest in Energy Star Appliances Appliances account for up to 30 percent of home energy usage. Switching the appliances in eco friendly projects home to those with the Energy Star label can save you money on your energy bill and help preserve the environment.

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  • 2. Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

The government backs Energy Star appliances and guarantees they will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operate more efficiently compared to non-Energy Star competitors. When shopping for replacements, check to see whether an eco friendly projects has the government-certified Energy Star label.

Instead of throwing things directly into the trash, donate them to a local thrift store or hold a garage sale to earn some extra cash.


Repurposing unwanted items helps keep them out of landfills. Greenify Your Living Space Houseplants can help improve indoor air quality by reducing eco friendly projects dioxide and absorbing airborne toxins, including benzene and formaldehyde.


Not all plants are created equal, however. Spider plants, snake plants and rubber trees are among some of the easiest plants to grow with the best indoor air quality benefits.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Windows Poorly sealed or aging windows can decrease eco friendly projects energy efficiency dramatically. Improving the eco friendly projects around window seals, installing storm windows and adding treatments can also help reduce your overall energy consumption.

Go Green at Home: 15 Eco-Friendly DIY Projects - WebEcoist

Major cities, London and New York being a couple examples, eco friendly projects instated bike share programs to encourage residents to consider a greener alternative for their commute. Ingenuity and a little experimentation have brought about a few quirky green ideas, such as the vegetable oil powered car.


Super simple, and very practical. A Shipping Eco friendly projects from a Shopping Bag images via: Turn it into a sturdy, nice-looking shipping envelope with a sewing machine, some scissors and this easy tutorial by Team EcoEtsy.

Hamster-Powered Cell Phone Charger image via: Ananova year-old Peter Ash of Somerset, England invented a hamster-powered cell phone charger for a school science project.

Recycled Cake Pan Centipede images via: Why, make a centipede sculpture, of course. Nemo Gould creates works of art made entirely from found materials, painstakingly eco friendly projects materials together and sanding out the seams.