Publicaciones para preparar los exámenes DELE. El Cronómetro Edición Nuevo DELE B2, Editorial Edinumen, ISBN: Prepara y. El cronometro / The timer: Manual de preparacion del DELE. Nivel Intermedio B2 / Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language Preparation Manual. Intermediate. Buy El Cronometro B2: Nuevo Dele Book + CD (Paperback) at


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If you have windows open onto the street, now is the time to ask for them to be closed.

Download El cronómetro / The timer: Manual de preparación del DELE. Nivel B2 / Diploma of Spanish

Better to sweat for 40 minutes than miss a word here and there. One poor girl had a coughing fit in my exam room and briefly drowned out the audio until she very decently left the room. Read ahead whenever you can. In reality this means: From the moment the audio is started, only listen to the important bits, not to all the loud but useless cronometro dele b2 they play you intermittently.

El Cronometro B2: Nuevo Dele Book + CD (Paperback) -

Incidentally you can fill in your answers whenever you want. You cannot read one thing and listen to something else at the same time, so trying to understand the multiple choice options on the paper and take in the audio conversations simultaneously cronometro dele b2 impossible.

If you can do that then you have cronometro dele b2 the wrong level and should be doing a harder exam! To solve this conundrum, during the blurb, you need to read ahead and take on board the possible answers so you can easily choose the correct one when the recording is playing.

So as soon as I had finished an exercise I immediately moved on to preparing the next one. You can prepare the first two short cronometro dele b2 during the initial blurb, and that gives you a head start.

You do get some time at the end of each to fill in answers, but not a lot. Task 4 DELE B2 The answer sheet is the only one that counts at pens-down, but you can write on the exam paper too if it helps.

Do’s and Don’ts: How to Prepare for the DELE Spanish Exam

I underlined a few key words to look out for. I found it cronometro dele b2 to cross out options that were definitely disproven to make it easier to see what options were left.

If you mark your cronometro dele b2 in on the exam paper before transferring to the hoja de respuestas, you reduce the chance of getting half way through an exercise and realising you were one column off and have filled in the wrong meaningless little multiple-choice boxes and no longer know what the right answers were to fix it.


Still, be on guard against running out of time. Always practice within the allotted time.

I realised that I could have done a fair bit worse in the Oral and still passed, thanks to a much better grade in its pair, the listening. Looks like I made cronometro dele b2 good choice in the C1. Sure, it was nice sitting outside on a balmy May morning, but the quarterly chimes on the nearby Mezquita made me nervous and more time-conscious cronometro dele b2 usual.

And trying to study on the AVE high-speed train?

Mine beeps constantly, so I put it in a different room. Did I care cramming one weekend when I had nothing better to do? I knew I could study cronometro dele b2 the majority of the test on my own, but considered hiring a Spanish teacher to help me with the writing and speaking part of the exam.


In addition, cronometro dele b2 Instituto Cervantes also offers online consultations, practice exams and prep courses. Collective sigh of relief, verdad? So, you look at the three choices. A intervenir, B interrumpir, C cooperar.

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