The new audio CD feature is especially helpful to learning and understanding the language as spoken. The ten lessons, although similar in structure to those in. Buy Beginner's Chinese with 2 Audio CDs, Second Edition by Yong Ho from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones. Continuing my series on an overview of my language coursebook resources, going a bit off the order today guys.


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Yong Ho attempts to explain to the foreigner why certain things are the way they are in China, often tying this in with the chapter's topic.

After all ten chapters, the last sections of this book also explain to the user how one can improve and supplement their Chinese through the use of the internet etc. Score Despite its relatively small size and compactness, Beginner's Chinese does beginners chinese yong ho solid job of introducing the bare basics of Mandarin Chinese.

It is a handy travel tool and a great course in itself.


The sentence patterns and dialogue are easily accessible and useful in everyday conversation. However that is being a little picky as ample exercises are provided. Another "downside", I suppose, is how short the book is - relatively speaking.

Beginner's Chinese with 2 Audio CDs: Second Edition by Yong Ho

The ten chapters already provided are good on a basic level, but it would have been nice if more topics were included to expand the reader's knowledge of Beginners chinese yong ho. That being said, our friend Yong Ho has produced beginners chinese yong ho Intermediate Chinese book which appears to make up for this.

I'd give this book a score of: I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a casual-take-it-easy crash course on Mandarin Chinese.

I think Beginner's Chinese is suitable for: That said, Beginner's Chinese is a good starting point and foundation. Mandarin is also a useful study tool for stu-dents of the Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tibetan languages, all of which have strong cultural roots in Chinese.

New features in this edition include: Ten practical lessons with dialogues, vocabulary, and exercises; New audio CDs featuring professional actors from Beijing; Updated cultural and language notes; An attractive, easy-to-read presentation of the Chinese characters; Additional exercises for teaching stroke order and writing beginners chinese yong ho An index providing traditional character equivalents; Beginners chinese yong ho technology sections on how to read and write Chinese characters on a computer.

Beginner S Chinese Yong Ho : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

After having checked out several Chinese learning resources I must say, this is probably the best book I have come across.

Together with his follow-up book 'Intermediate Chinese' he covers a one-year course. There are three specific things that I really liked about this book: The exercises were challenging and varied: All the exercises are for self-study only, no classroom or group stuff.

The number of exercises were impressive given the small size of the book, its an efficient use of beginners chinese yong ho.

As far as self-study textbooks go, this book and his follow-up are the beginners chinese yong ho I have come across this far.

They are inexpensive, have decent audio, you learn vocabulary that you can use straight away when you land in China, you get lucid grammar explanations, and lastly you learn about Chinese history and culture.