Abstract. This paper considers the impact of the recognition that animals are sentient in the amendment to the Animal Welfare Act , examining the. (b) to repeal the Animals Protection Act (Animal Welfare Act , Long Title, New Zealand Legislation website [scroll down page to view. This document is not a Parliamentary paper. To read this document, please contact the content provider.


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Wells N 1Nicholson J.

AFC - Animal Welfare Act from

The council can impose conditions on the licence. The council, in the exercise of its discretion, may take into account: Under this legislation, any person who keeps a breeding establishment for dogs at any premises and carries on at those animal welfare act 1999 a business of breeding dogs for sale must obtain a licence from the local council.

The Five Freedoms, which were initiated by the Farm Animal Welfare Council UKwere modified as the five basic needs of animals, relating to proper and sufficient food and water, adequate shelter, the ability to display normal patterns of behaviour, physical handling that minimises distress and protection from and rapid diagnosis of injury or disease.

Article 32 The validity term of the experiment shall be defined in the Decision authorising the conduction of experiments on animals, and the experiment manager as well as his deputy shall also be designated therein animal welfare act 1999 accordance with the applicant's request.


The experiment manager or his deputy may be substituted upon request of the legal person conducting the experiments, and the substitution shall be determined by the Ministry in a supplementary decision.

Article 33 Animal welfare act 1999 on animals may be conducted by veterinarians, and only as an exception by physicians, agronomists - stockbreeders, pharmacologists or biologists.

The Animal Welfare Act 1999

Surgery on animal welfare act 1999 animals during experimentation may be performed primarily by persons with a degree in Veterinary Medicine, and by persons with a university degree in biomedicine, agronomy stock-breeding or natural sciences and mathematics biology provided that they have passed the examination required to work with animals used for experimentation purposes.

The programme of the examination mentioned in item 2 of this Article shall be promulgated by the Minister.

Animal welfare act 1999 Superintendent of facilities for animals used for experimentation purposes must have a degree in Veterinary Medicine. As an exception, the Superintendent of facilities for laboratory rodents may be a person mentioned in item 1 of this Article.

Animal Welfare: Legislation

Article 34 Experimentation animal welfare act 1999 animals for educational purposes shall be permitted only in the event that the use of other teaching aids for example pictures, models, preparations and the like are not likely to provide satisfactory results, whereby only one such animal may be used by group in a regular procedure.

Article 35 If animal welfare act 1999 duration of the experimentation on animals is envisaged to exceed the authorised duration, the prolongation thereof shall be reported to the Ministry seven days prior to the expiry of the authorised period.

The report mentioned in item 1 of this Article shall indicate: The reasons for the prolongation of the experiment; The species and quantity of animals envisaged; The place, beginning and expected duration of the prolongation of the experiment; The name and address of the responsible experiment manager and his deputy.


If several experiments of the same type shall be prolonged, it animal welfare act 1999 be sufficient to report one of them, and to indicate the quantity of other experiments therein. At the end of each year, the quantity of experiments conducted and quantity of animals used must be reported to the Ministry.

Legislation Database

In the animal welfare act 1999 of a change in the date mentioned in item 2 of this Article in the course of the experiment, such changes must be reported to the Ministry within three days, unless the change is of no importance for the supervision of the experiment.

The experiment manager or his deputy shall be held responsible for the respect of the provisions of this Article during the conduction of experiments on animals.


Article 36 Records shall be kept on the conduction of experiments animal welfare act 1999 animals. The records must be signed by the person who conducted the experiments, and by the experiment manager. The notes shall be filed with the records and shall be kept for three years, and must be presented to the Ministry upon request thereof.